How much is a round trip haulout?

Haulout pricing is based on length on deck. Boats less than 25′ are charged a flat rate of $200. Vessels 26′ to 90′ are charged at a per foot rate based on length. Our rates are as follows:

  • Up to 50′ - $12.00/ft-$200.00 Minimum

  • 51′ to 55′ - $13.00/ft

  • 56′ to 60′ - $14.00/ft

  • 61′ to 70′ - $16.00/ft

  • 71′ to 80′ - $18.00/ft

  • Over 80′ - Quoted


On a one-way haulout how long can I stay in the slings?

Typically, a pressure wash, out of the water portion of a survey and zinc replacement can be completed within an hour. If you need to reserve more than an hour in the Travelift, you can request the 11:00 AM appointment. If this spot is available, we will hang your boat in the slings over the lunch hour and re-launch you at 1:00 PM. The 11:00 AM time slots fill up quickly and are available on a first come, first-served basis, so please allow for plenty of advance notice to schedule.

What are your hours of operation?

We are open Monday through Friday 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM year round. Our Seaview North and West yards are open by appointment only on Saturdays, but closed on Sundays. During winter both yards are closed on weekends.

How much advance notice do I need to schedule a haulout or a launch?

During the off-season months in fall and winter (October-March) we typically need about 2-3 days advance notice to schedule a haulout. During the high season in spring and summer (April-September) we usually require at least 1 week notice to schedule a haulout.

In most cases, we only need 24 hour notice to schedule a launch. However, during the busy season our schedule can fill up quickly so it’s best to book your launch time as soon as you know when you’ll be ready to pick up your boat.

As a general rule of thumb, the more advance notice for both haulouts and launches, the greater the flexibility in days and time slots available for scheduling.


What kind of paint should I use on my bottom?

Prior to haulout we typically ask the boat owner if they have record of the type of paint currently on their boat. This information helps us to determine the best options for compatibility with the existing paint. If you don’t know the type of paint, our Operations Manager can assess the boat at the time of haul and establish what paints are compatible.

There are two basic categories of bottom paint: ablative paints and hard paintsAblative paints are a type of hull coating that sloughs off gradually, exposing a fresh layer of biocides in order to maintain anti-fouling properties. The more coats of ablative paint applied to the bottom the thicker the coating and consequently the longer you can go between applications.

Hard paints employ a porous surface which slowly leeches biocides, to impede the growth of barnacles, algae, and other marine organisms. Hard paints do not wear away, each subsequent coat builds up millage on the bottom, eventually necessitating a bottom strip and recoating. An ablative paint can be applied over a hard paint finish, but in order to apply a hard paint on a boat currently painted with an ablative, all existing bottom paint must first be removed.

If a boat is painted with an ablative anti-foulant on it we typically recommend Sea Hawk Cukote with Bio, or Sea Hawk AF-33. These are the two best ablative paints available on the market. Seahawk Cukote Bio offers high end anti-fouling with a biocide additive to enhance anti-fouling properties. Seahawk AF-33 has a lower percentage of copper than Cukote but still provides excellent performance at a lower price point.

If the boat is coated with a hard paint we recommend Sea Hawk Tropikote or Sea Hawk Sharkskin. The primary difference between these two paints is again the copper content and pricing.


Can I do my own work while the boat is in the yard?

Seaview Boatyard has always supported do-it-yourself boaters so we welcome customers to work on their own boats while hauled out in the yard.

There are a couple of exclusions to the do-it-yourself policy, including bottom work, replacing anodes, sandblasting and spray painting, all of which must be done by Seaview personnel for environmental considerations and/or danger to adjacent vessels. Due to liability reasons Seaview does not provide scaffolding or tools to customers performing their own projects. Scaffolding can be rented from Herc Rentals or Aurora Rents Greenlake. If choosing Herc Rentals you can rent scaffolding on Friday (after 2:00 PM) and return equipment Monday (before 10:00 AM) and only be charged one day. For further details, please review the Best Management Practices (BMPs) (link) and/or talk with the Operations Manager on site.

We also have a fully stocked Yard Store at each location with competitive pricing on a wide variety of marine products. So you don’t even have to leave the yard to get the parts you need to complete your project.


If Seaview is working on my boat can I also do repairs at the same time?

Absolutely. We specifically tailored our yard policies to meet the varied needs of our customers. We offer boat owners the option to utilize our services at whatever level works best for your project. Whether you want to take care of everything yourself, share the workload with Seaview’s journeyman technicians, or hire a project manager who can coordinate everything from start to finish, Seaview is there to take care of you in whatever capacity best fits your needs.


What types of service do you offer?

Our full service boatyards offer area boaters the finest in topside refinishing, fiberglass and gelcoat repairs, woodworking, rigging, commissioning, mechanical installations such as bow thrusters and stabilizers, as well as major refits, restoration and general maintenance services. We provide free estimates to help determine the budget for your project and work in conjunction with surveyors and adjustors on insurance work and damage repairs.


What services are not offered in-house and who do you recommend?

Our journeyman staff performs the majority of marine services in-house. However, there are a few specialized areas of repair, including canvas work, upholstery, internal engine repair and fuel polishing that are more efficiently handled working through a vendor who deals exclusively in these types of repairs.

For any service that we don’t provide in-house, Seaview Boatyard can act as a general contractor and project manager to coordinate this work on your behalf. If you prefer to arrange outside services on your own, please see our resources page for a list of local service providers or contact the Operations Manager onsite to discuss available options. Please be aware that any outside contractors must comply with our insurance, environmental and safety requirements.


What is the Travelift capacity at each of the yards?

The Travelift capacity varies by location:


Can I access the yard after hours?

Yes. However, hours of access depend upon the facility.

At Seaview West and Seaview Fairhaven you can access your vessel 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Just ask the front desk for a combination to the walk through gate when you come into the office to fill out your Repair Agreement paperwork. Out of consideration for our neighbors at Seaview West, all power tools must be turned off at 6:00 PM.

Our North Yard facility is locked down by a private security company between 10:00 PM and 6:00 AM daily. After 10:00 PM you will be unable to enter the yard to access your vessel. Liveaboards may remain in the yard after lock-up, and will be unable to leave the facility until the gates are re-opened in the morning.

To ensure the safety of our customers’ boats, all of our yard gates are securely locked when we close at 5:00 PM each day and a private security company performs routine checks throughout the night. Gates at West and Fairhaven are unlocked by no later than 8:00 AM every morning when we re-open for business.


What is the NPDES Fee?

The NPDES (National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System) fee is a $2.00 per foot fee assessed on all vessels that haulout and receive a pressure wash. Funds collected help defray a percentage of the infrastructure, permitting and administration costs that Seaview Boatyard incurs annually in order to remain compliant with environmental regulations and to ensure that Puget Sound waterways are safeguarded for future generations.


Why can’t I PERFORM my own bottom wORK?

In keeping with our philosophy of supporting do-it-yourselfers, Seaview tried for 35 years to figure out how to allow customers to do their own bottom work and still comply with environmental regulations and benchmarks for water quality. Unfortunately, it proved impossible. In order to be compliant, Seaview had to establish a system to control and contain all bottom paint run-off and prevent residue from contaminating area waterways. To do so we had to restrict all prep work to the pressure wash pad where run off could be filtered directly into our closed loop filtration system and make it mandatory that Seaview Boatyard perform all bottom work.

As a result of this policy change and other efforts, we received the AWB Excellence Award and have since achieved Clean Boating Foundation Leadership status. Seaview Boatyard is committed to being a “Green Boatyard”; our efforts and the cooperation of our customers are making a positive impact on water quality in the Puget Sound Area.


Can I live aboard while my boat is in the yard?

You are welcome to stay aboard while hauled out. Just notify the front desk so that they can give you access to the yard, restrooms and shower facilities. Pets are also welcome to stay aboard with you while you are at Seaview. Please note that discharge of gray water, bilge water and ballast water is not permitted.


Are there hotels or restaurants nearby?

All 3 of our facilities are located in close proximity to a variety of area restaurants and hotels. Please visit the resources page on our Forms and Information Page for details on local area amenities including restaurants, hotels and transportation options.


How can I get back to my car after I drop off my boat?

If you need a ride to or from your slip, please let our office staff know and they will be happy to help arrange transportation.


What do I need to do to prepare for my haulout?

Prior to haulout, all vessels must have a signed Repair Agreement and BMP Sheet. We ask that you come down prior to your scheduled haulout time to fill out the required paperwork. We have dock space available if you need to tie up and come in to the office prior to hauling out. When you arrive for your appointment, our Travelift crew will be waiting for you at the Travelift pier. You don’t need to worry about preparing lines or fenders, our staff will help maneuver your vessel in to the slings. If you have a sailboat with a roller furling headsail, we do require that the headsail be removed prior to haulout.

Please note that during our busy season, we occasionally get behind schedule. If you show up at your appointment time and there is another boat in the Travelift slings, just hang in there, we’ll be with you as soon as we possibly can. Call our office with your cell phone number and we’ll give you a call to let you know the moment the Travelift is available to haul you out. We do our best to keep on schedule and we appreciate your understanding should unforeseen circumstances result in a delay.


Where are you located?

Seaview West is located on Puget Sound at the south end of Shilshole Bay Marina just inside the southernmost entrance to the breakwater and adjacent to A-Dock.

Seaview North is located on Bellingham Bay at the north end of Squalicum Harbor Marina just inside the west entrance and close to the fuel dock.

Seaview Fairhaven is located in the cove off Bellingham Bay by the Alaska ferry terminal, Greyhound bus station and the Amtrak train station.


Do you have WiFi access?

Seaview North and West provides free WiFi via the “seaview-wireless” network. Ask the front desk for a password to start surfing the web. Seaview Fairhaven does not currently have WiFi access.


Do you offer long term storage?

Yes. We offer outside long term storage. Availability is dependent upon location and season.

Our North Yard in Bellingham offer long term outside storage (aka “Dead Storage”) on a limited, first-come, first-served basis during the off-season (October-March). Long term storage is not available during the summer months (May-September).

Our Fairhaven facility in Bellingham offers long term heated indoor storage and long term outside storage on a year round basis.

Please be advised that no owner work may be performed on vessels while in long term storage.

For more information on rates and availability, please contact the yard via phone or email and our administrative staff will be happy to answer any questions you might have.


How long does it typically take to paint a bottom?

Typically, a one coat bottom paint package will take 3-5 days depending on the condition of the bottom and volume of work in the yard.

Once the vessel is hauled, Seaview staff will pressure wash the bottom and perform a wet prep over the wash pad. This helps to contain copper residue and eliminate any potential contamination of local waterways. Note for standard wet prep we use an eighty (80) grit profile to the waterline and sling spots. Additional prep is charged at our general labor rate $95.00 per hour. 

Once the wet prep is complete, we block the boat and allow the bottom to fully dry before proceeding. This can take up to 24 hours depending on outside temperature. When the bottom is fully dry, any additional prep needed to remove growth will be completed and the first coat of paint applied.

After the first coat of paint, we recommend an overnight dry time before launching or applying any additional coats of paint. At the time of launch, our Travelift crew will paint the pad spots and the bottom of the keel before lowering the boat back into the water.