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Customer Testimonies

Seaview Boatyard,

As you undoubtedly saw (and perhaps took with some relief), ‘Kodama’ slipped away from your dock in the afternoon of July 3 after an autumn, winter, and spring of projects under the care of Seaview North. It felt a long process, but she is much improved for all the hard work by many people.

Although it felt as if everyone on your crew touched her, special thanks are owed to Jeff for so delicately handling her haul out and relaunch; to Eduardo, Luis, Mark, and John for unstepping and restepping her masts; to Rob for sourcing all the bits and pieces required (some purchased, some scrounged) and for his general good advice; and to Kara.

Extra special thanks go to Ben and Tyler for ‘Kodama’s’ beautiful topsides! They will be gratified to see she is well-padded in her home dock (below on the 4th).

Speaking of her home dock, she seems happy to be here at last. You and Jeff will be glad to know she has now swelled back up so we have only a bare ooze of water accumulating in the bilge.

Finally — my thanks to you and Kyle for overseeing all the work and for making us comfortable alongside, in the shed, and generally so well looked-after.

Now for some sailing!



Michael Gropp Slipping Away.jpeg