As in, free as dirt! There are only two restrictions to getting a free haulout:

You must haulout on or between

Monday, September 24th-Friday, September 28th *Limited Space Available


You must use our website REQUEST SERVICE form to request your service.

(click button below for your free haulout)


That's it! Below is a FAQ that will answer most of your questions. If you still have questions then include them in your online service request. We will contact you to address your questions and concerns before we book your haulout.



  • Is the FREE Haulout being offered at any Seaview location? No. Seaview North in Bellingham is the only participating location.

  • Do I have to buy a paint package or other services from Seaview? No. You can haulout, work on your boat, and you will only be billed for your laydays, environmental fees, and any incurred yard charges (i.e. Yard Store purchases, cleanup fees, etc...).

  • Can I redeem my Seaview poker chip with my free haulout? No. We are not combining any other Seaview offers with the FREE Haulout Flash Sale.

  • Is a pressure wash included with my free haulout? No. If you need a pressure wash, that will be an additional charge.

  • Are zincs included with my free haulout? No. If you need zincs, that will be an additional charge.

  • Can I receive multiple free haul outs? No. One Free Haul Out per customer.

  • Is this special for commercial accounts? No. This opportunity is meant for current or new boat owners.