Marine Travelift Heavy Equipment Operator 

Seaview Boatyard West, the Pacific Northwest’s premier boatyard and yacht repair facility located in Seattle is currently seeking, self-motivated, and reliable Travelift/ Boatlift heavy equipment operators to join our crew.

Qualified candidates who have experience in operating Travelift/BoatLift, forklifs, Grove and stiff leg crane, hydraulic trailer, and can performe basic maintenance and/or service requirements of yard machinery.  

We have an opening for confident technician who takes pride in a job done cleanly and efficiently, who is seeking permanent, full-time employment and the opportunity to develop and grow with an industry leader.

Please send resume to:
6701 Seaview Ave NW, Seattle, WA 98117 / or call at (206) 783-6550.




1. Concept of Operation: The general concept under which Seaview Boatyard, Inc. operates is to provide the customer with consistently high quality professional work at a cost which provides a reasonable profit for the Corporation. It is our policy to stand behind the work performed in our yards and we expect employee performance at the highest level of professional standards. Our objective is to make a profit, while ensuring service and quality workmanship at the highest level. 

2. General: The position of Operations Manager was created to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of yard production and administrative operations. Some areas requiring continuing attention include job quality control which encompasses final inspection prior to delivery; discussions and inspections of ongoing work with surveyors or owners/agents; continuous oversight to ensure that all employees following Best Management Practices (BMPs) and are operating in compliance with relevant safety and environmental, regulations in the context of their work.

3. Responsibilities: Under the direction and guidance of the President the Operations Manager is responsible for the efficient and effective employment of the yard work force, with emphasis on scheduling, time and materials tracking and recording, invoicing and billing. The Operations Manager is expected to maximize billable hours, including his own when appropriate and minimize non-billable employee time. In the course of delegating his duties the Operations Manager is expected to focus on the most effective use of yard space, the efficient use of employee talents and experience, effective and timely job costing, safety, compliance with all applicable fire, water quality, environmental regulations and Best Management Practices (BMPs).

This position will have a Co-Operations Manager to help prepare estimates, write work orders and prepare progress or final customer billings as appropriate and required. Assist the current Operations Manager, as required or requested, in estimating bid preparation in response to surveys and/or requests for work bids, both on and off site. When required and requested by the President, serve as work superintendent on one or more jobs of unusual scope or complexity. Be prepared to apply skills and knowledge “hands on” in the actual accomplishment of work tasks when appropriate.

4. Employment Relation: The President exercises primary authority over all employees. Some responsibilities may be delegated to the Operations Manager on a specific and clearly understood basis, include training, evaluation, recommendations for promotion or termination, and the direction of assigned leadmen.

5. Customer Relations: The customer is the life blood of our business. It is critical that we foster and maintain a good relationship with our customers at all times. Under the direction of the President, the Operations Manager is expected to exercise consistently strong leadership in this area, including ongoing awareness of employee conduct with a view toward timely intervention and corrective action if necessary. Any incidents with customers should be brought to the Presidents attention immediately.

6) Monitoring: During the exercise of his/her responsibilities the Operations Manager is expected to constantly monitor all phases of the production process including: estimating, scheduling, work order preparation, job layout, processes and procedures, material selection, time and material tracking and recording, job quality, invoicing, and billing with a view toward effective and efficient use of space, available manpower and talents, job costing, the maximization of billable man-hours and safety.


1) Estimating / Estimate Assistance as Necessary

  • Maintain Estimate Forms – Update Existing Forms and Create New
  • Research Pricing (Parts)
  • Set-up Preliminary Draft Estimate for Review
  • Prepare and Send Estimate
  • Follow-up with Customer

2) Layout/Generate Work Orders and Flow of Jobs

  • Initiate Work Orders as Necessary
  • Meet with Customers at Time of Haulout and Take Comprehensive Notes on Customer Punch List
  • Upsell to Customers as Appropriate – Suggest Additional Projects, Increase Job Scope, etc.
  • Assist with Correct Work Order Layout, Work Departments and Standard Hours
  • Modify Existing Work Orders and add Opcodes to Work Orders as Necessary

3) Scheduling – Under the Direction of the President

  • Check Existing Work Flow in Yard and Schedule New Projects with Existing Work in Progress
  • Schedule Crew/Projects in Conjunction with the Co-Operations Manager

4) Communications Facilitator

  • Ensure Consistent and Frequent Communication Between Office, Operations, Leads and Store.
  • Ensure Co-Operations Manager and Customers are Updated on all Changes/Additions to Work Order, Work Schedule and Job Status

5) Invoicing

  • Review Billing Packages to ensure labor and parts postings are accurate and complete
  • For Ongoing Projects – Check Prior Invoicing
  • Generate Invoices as Necessary

6) Customer Follow-up Calls/Emails

Please send resume to:
6701 Seaview Avenue NW, Seattle, WA 98117 / email: or call (206) 783-6550.


Seaview Boatyards North and West, the Pacific Northwest’s premier boatyard and yacht repair facilities located in Bellingham and Seattle currently seeking experienced, self-motivated, reliable general laborers to join our crew.

Candidates must have a desire to learn basic skills in sanding boat bottoms, applying bottom paint, replacing anodes, washing/waxing hulls and/or topsides etc. Responsibilities will encompass all aspects of general yard maintenance including cleaning yard, assisting additional departments, yard store helper and occasional parts runner for store. 


1 year preferred but willing to train, must have a desire to work with hands

For the Bellingham Location, please send resume to:
2652 Harbor Loop Drive, Bellingham, WA 98225 / or call (360) 676-8282.

For the Seattle Location, please send resume to:
6701 Seaview Avenue NW, Seattle, WA 98117 / email: or call (206) 783-6550.


Seaview Boatyards West, the Pacific Northwest’s premier boatyard and yacht repair facility located in Seattle is currently seeking a experienced, self-motivated, reliable Yard Store Assistant to join our crew.

Candidate will assist and provide backup and fill in for Yard Store Manager as necessary. Make parts runs as requested by Yard Store Manager and Operations Manager. Assist walk-in customers and generate Point of Sale Invoices for non-owner purchases. Keep yard store, will call area, tool room, and yard grounds clean and organized. Assist with quarterly and year end physical inventories, help ensure products on yard store shelves is organized and space is utilized effectively. Post materials as necessary for Admin to prepare invoice in a timely fashion. Provide Front Desk back up to include phones, customer service and scheduling as needed.

We are looking for experienced, confident Yard Store Assistant who take pride in their work and are looking for an opportunity to develop and grow with an industry leader. The ideal candidate will be a dedicated, flexible employee with a solid work ethic, good communication skills and a positive attitude who thrives in a challenging and fast-paced work environment.


(Must have Valid Driver License).

For the Seattle Location, please send resume to:
6701 Seaview Avenue NW, Seattle, WA 98117 / email: or call (206) 783-6550.